Below I have answered a few questions that I get asked frequently. Please get in touch with me if you cannot find an answer to your question(s) here or in case you need a more detailed answer.

Often I will still available for short-term work even though I may be working on a long-term ongoing project. The duration of such short projects will typically be just a few days only. If you are interested please get in touch with me.

Thank you for your interest and for your kind offer! However, I only work as a freelancer and therefore I am not available for a salaried position.

You can read more about my main focuses my work in my profile (click here).

What I am not and what I won’t do: I am not a software developer or programmer. (However, the programming of tools and scripts, for example in Perl or Shell and system programs, does form part of my portfolio of services). Likewise, I am not the right person for PC, Windows and mainframe environments even though I use them as work environments, of course, and I am familiar with interface problems between the system worlds. The same applies to databases: Although I have detailed knowledge in certain areas of (large) databases and I also “speak” SQL – for any database-specific tasks you will be better off to look for a professional database administrator (DBA).

If you have any questions, do take a look at my profile. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions and if you are interested in a cooperation with me!

As a freelancer I only have limited availability. Therefore it is possible that I am already committed to a project and that I am either not available at all for new tasks or just to a limited extent. You can always see my availability both on this website as well as in my up-to-date- profile which you can download in various languages and data formats at any time

If you would like to receive notifications on any changes to my profile and/or my availability, please send me an e-mail with your contact details.

My conditions depend on the project, work location and duration. If you are interested in a cooperation, please ask me specifically providing the details of the planned project.

You are welcome to include my profile in your database. Please ensure that you don’t change, amend or delete any information since this has caused some inconveniences in the past. In such cases I would prefer that you just include a link to my website.

SAGE (The System Administrators Guild), a US interest group and sub-organisation of USENIX, distinguishes between Novice, Junior, Intermediate/Advanced and Senior System Administrators with different levels of skills and professional experience respectively. You can find out more about the precise meaning of these terms by visiting the SAGE Job Descriptions.

Sometimes people stick to what they like because it is useful in everyday life. The abbreviation hcsd goes back to a time when I was mainly working as a software programmer and stands for Human Compatible Solution Design or Human Compatible Solution Development. Even though my portfolio of services has changed a lot since, I still use this abbreviation because it helps communication flow easily.