My customers value my outstanding professional expertise and interpersonal skills alike. Over many years of freelance work I have been able to achieve a high standing with my partners in industry, trade and government agencies. First-class references – which I have anonymized to maintain confidentiality – confirm the high quality of my work!

Happy customers are my most coveted award – for more than 20 years now!


Ongoing consulting and support for various customers

Permanently (brief and short-term jobs)

  • Ongoing consulting and support for various customers from different sectors in the areas of SAN/Storage (Brocade, EMC, NetApp) and Unix (above all­ HP-UX, Linux environment, Solaris)
  • Error analysis
  • Performance analysis and optimizing
  • Technical support

Building of hybrid cloud-based zero-downtime backend infrastructure for connected car services

Customer: Hosting and cloud provider for car manufacturers, Munich/Ingolstadt

Period: January 2015 to October 2015

  • Responsible IT Architect for design­ and implementation of a cloud-based zero-downtime infrastructure for an application in a connected car environment
  • Transformation of a conventional infrastructure into a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Integration of private and public cloud elements into a hybrid cloud solution
  • Coordination of customer requirements with various expert teams in Europe
  • Technical conceptual design and implementation, identity management (LDAP-based, connection to a Linux environment, Load Balancer, firewalls and all application components)
  • Design and implementation of high availability­ scalable secure and high-performance basic services (DNS, LDAP, NFS)
  • Design and implementation of a central logon service
  • Design and implementation of standardized CentOS templates
  • Support in designing and implementation of a fully automated scalable application (automation and orchestration)
  • Contribution to pre-sales activities (drafting of a highly scalable and cloud-based outsourcing solution)
  • Significant products and technologies: NTT Enterprise Cloud (VMware vCloud Director), Linux environment, CentOS, OpenLDAP, BIND, Oracle, Docker

Virtualization HP-UX 10.20-System

Customer: Industrial company, Nordenham

Period: May 2014 to October 2015

  • Virtualization of a physical HP-UX 10.20-Systems (PA-RISC) to current Hardware (IA64)
  • Consulting and support in procurement, operation and proof of concept
  • Drawing up concept for data backup (disc-to-disc)
  • Significant products and technologies: HP Integrity, HP-UX 11.31, HP9000 Containers, HP ARIES

Europe-wide consolidation of computing centres

Customer: IT company for Telco, Munich and Madrid

Period: April 2014 to November 2014

  • Conceptual design and accompanying of system migration in the context of a multinational computing centre consolidation and virtualization
  • Important role in drawing up architectural documents
  • Technical planning of company hand-over
  • Error analysis and technical support (HP-UX, HP Serviceguard, ARIES, HP9000 Containers, Solaris, Linux environment, Storage)
  • Design and implementation of an automation solution

Modernizing storage system infrastructure and introduction of up-to-date best practices

Customer: Financial services providers Munich

Period: November 2010 to March 2014

  • Symmetrix VMAX, building from scratch of Brocade-based SAN)
  • Introduction of storage system EMC Clariion CX4
  • Online migration of ca. 80 servers (Solaris, Linux environment, Windows, VMware)
  • Introduction of current best practices
  • Responsible for project execution
  • Performance analyses and optimizing
  • Storage and SAN administration and operation, troubleshooting
  • Storage cost calculation and internal costing (chargeback)
  • Solaris       and Linux administration (RedHat Enterprise Linux environment, Oracle Enterprise Linux environment, Oracle Solaris 10, Solaris 11)

SAP introduction, structuring computer centre operation

Customer: System house for a government agency, Düsseldorf

Period: October 2009 to September 2010

  • Building from scratch of a computing centre (server, storage, infrastructure) in an SAP environment
  • Building an operating system, including transfer of know-how as an essential task
  • Drawing up of and contribution to concepts and documentation (including cluster/ high availability, data back-up, patch strategy, operating manual)
  • Active system administration Unix (HP-UX 11.31), cluster (HP Serviceguard), Windows Server, SAN (Fibre Channel, Brocade), storage systems (HP EVA 4400 and 6400), LAN (Ethernet Switches, HP Procurve), Load Balancer (Cisco ACE 4710)

Performance and system analysis

Customer: Insurance provider, Heidelberg

Period: June 2009 to September 2009

  • Extensive performance analysis and optimization across the board (server, SAN, Storage)
  • Infrastructure design and planning (server, SAN, storage, backup) for       re-engineering of core applications (insourcing)
  • Environment: HP-UX 11.23, HP Superdome, HDS storage, IBM DB2 databases

Modernizing and virtualisation storage system infrastructure

Customer: System house for a media company, Essen

Period: April 2009 to August 2009

  • Storage system virtualisation (FalconStor IPStor) in a highly scalable Unix environment (Sun Solaris, Sun N1AA deployment engine, Veritas Volume Manager)
  • Storage system migration (HDS to EMC Clariion)

Storage /SAN administration and automation

Customer: IT company, Mannheim, for a software company, Walldorf

Period: October 2006 to March 2009

  • Fluent transition from predecessor’s project
  • Administration of storage systems in a large storage-on-demand environment (EMC² Clariion, EMC² Symmetrix DMX, Net­App Filer)
  • SAN administration (various Brocade switches and directors)
  • Unix administration (HP-UX, Solaris and others)
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Technical support for customer escalation (due to performance problems and others)
  • Programming and further development of high-performance tools and management tools (Perl, MySQL 5, Unix) for administration (including provisioning, accounts, reporting) of one of the largest SANs worldwide and a storage-on-demand landscape in an SAP environment
  • Migration of a MySQL database to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 in the context of       proprietary storage lifecycle and administration tools

Linux, Unix, storage and SAN administration and automation

Customer: Hosting provider of a software company Walldorf

Period: August 2005 to January 2007

  • System administration HP-UX, Linux and other Unix systems in the SAP R/3 environment to various hardware platforms (several thousand servers)
  • Administration of storage systems (EMC² Clariion, EMC² Symmetrix DMX) and others with EMC² Control Centre
  • SAN administration (various Brocade switches and directors)
  • Sub-project management (Project: Migration of a high-availability application complex to HP-UX 11.23, 6 TByte/System, IBM DB2, Legato Autostart, EMC² Symmetrix DMX-3, Implementation of an HA solution Implementation of a disc-based cloning solution)
  • Server consolidation and virtualization
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Development and programming of extensive provisioning tools for a Stor­age-on-demand environment (Shell script, Perl)
  • Troubleshooting and support

Unix and storage administration

Customer: Radio and TV stations, Cologne

Period: July 2002 to August 2005

  • Consulting, planning, support in the system environment of a highly scalable computing centre which operates more than 50 SAP R/3 instances and other applications
  • Consulting, planning and support in building from scratch, expansion and operation of a high-availability computing centre
  • System (HP-UX, Linux) and Cluster (HP Serviceguard with Metrocluster) administration, troubleshooting, system programming
  • System environment: HP-UX 11.00, 11.11 (11i V1.0), 11.23 and 11.22 (11i V1.5) to HP-Unix servers with PA-RISC and Itanium processor architecture (D/K/L/T/V class, rp2470, rp3440, rp4440, rp5470, rp7410, rx4640)
  • Script programming (ksh, sh, bash), programming of tools in C
  • Building and administration of a load balancer cluster (Nortel Alteon application switches 2424)
  • Administration of LAN components (HP ProCurve switches), planning of network infrastructure
  • SAN administration (HP/Brocade Silkworm 2900, EMC/Brocade Silkworm 12000, EMC² VolumeLogix, HP CommandView SDM)
  • Storage administration: EMC² Symmetrix and Symmetrix DMX 1000, EMC² Control Centre (ECC), HP StorageWorks VA7410
  • Administration and support in data backup (HP OpenView Omniback 3.5, 4.1 and 5.1, HP/Compaq ESL9595 LTO tape libraries)
  • Performance analysis and optimizing
  • Security analysis and optimizing
  • Design and implementation of a high-availability directory service (LDAP) on the basis of Netscape/iPlanet directory server 6.x

Installation of a high availability cluster

Customer: A medical technology company, Hamburg

Period: April 2004

  • Setting up of a HP ServiceGuard high availability cluster on HP Proliant servers under SuSE Linux Enterprise server 8 using HP/Compaq StorageWorks MSA500 storage system

Installation of a data backup solution

Customer: Research organization, Freiburg

Period: December 2002

  • Setting up of a HP rp2470 (A class) with HP-UX 11i
  • Setting up of an HP OpenView storage data protector (Omniback) 5 cell servers, integration of an HP SureStore 10/180 LTO library and backup of EMC² Celerra systems
  • Preparation for NDMP backup

System inventory

Customer: Telco, Hannover

Period: May 2002

Server baseline study as SAN preparation in the environment of HP-UX, Solaris, Tru64 Unix

Unix system administration

Customer: Aviation company, Bremen

Period: April 2002 to May 2002

  • Setting up of an LDAP implementation concept for an environment with 200 HP-UX workstations and 15 servers
  • Netscape directory server 4.16 under HP-UX 11.00
  • HP LDAP-UX integration, HP YP LDAP-Gateway
  • OpenLDAP under HP-UX 11.00

Migration to HP-UX, computing centre migration

Customer: DV/IT service provider of a trading company, Cologne/Düsseldorf

Period: May 2000 to February 2002

  • Consulting and support in migrating SNI to HP
  • Sizing
  • System administration and system programming in a high-availability HP environment
  • System environment: HP-UX 11.0 to several HP L3000 (L-Class)/rp5470, HP N4000 (N-Class)/rp7400, HP V2500 (V-Class), EMC² Symmetrix
  • Connection of an IBM 3494 tape library with IBM Magstar 3590E tape drives to an HP-UX server, integration in HP Omniback, interface concept, programming and certification
  • Cluster administration (HP Serviceguard with Metrocluster)
  • Printer administration (HPDPS, lp)
  • Data backup (HP Omniback)
  • 2nd level support for users and software developers
  • Troubleshooting, problem analysis
  • Performance analysis and optimizing
  • Storage management for EMC² Symmetrix
  • Script programming (ksh, sh, bash) and programming of tools in C
  • Realization and introduction of a task management system
  • Documentation, drawing up several manuals
  • Training
  • Migration of a high-availability computing centre
  • SAN planning

Unix system administration

Customer: Insurance provider, Wiesbaden

Period: December 1999 to February 2000

  • Operative management in an IBM SP/SP2 environment (70 nodes)
  • System administration AIX 4.2.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3
  • 2nd level support
  • Script programming (ksh)
  • Drawing up and implementation of a security concept (SSH introduction)
  • External security auditing
  • Software packaging and distribution

Design and implementation DR solution

Customer: Large bank, Frankfurt

Period: May 1999 to November 1999

  • Planning and coordination of acceptance tests in the context of designing a disaster recovery solution
  • Parametrization
  • coordination of a “User Manual”
  • Management of change requests
  • Design of an EMC² SRDF implementation concept
  • System administration SUN Solaris 2.6

Implementation of a Web application

Customer: Software house in a banking environment, Leipzig

Period: April 1999

  • Programming of shell scripts (bash)
  • Programming of PHP3 scripts, each under Solaris and Linux

Training and Coaching for HP-UX

Customer: Life insurance provider, Wiesbaden

Period: October 1998 to December 1998

  • Unix-(HP-UX-) Training and coaching of computing centre staff

Migration HP-UX 9 to HP-UX 10.20

Customer: Energy provider, Kassel

Period: October 1997 to June 1998

  • Migration of 60 workstations from HP-UX 9 to HP-UX 10.20 (planning and execution) (scattered across a large geographical area)
  • Conversion from stand-alone workstations in client/server environments
  • Administration of HP workstations under HP-UX 9.x/10.20
  • Administration of RS/6000 servers and of an SP2 under AIX
  • Installation and support for X-terminals, network computers (NC), network printers and a backup server (IBM ADSM)
  • Programming from shell scripts (bash)
  • Programming from PHP3 scripts, each under Solaris and Linux respectively

Setting up an Internet provider

Customer: Internet provider, Eitorf

Period: April 1997 to September 1997

  • Set-up, administration/maintenance, expansion of existing infrastructure (primarily Linux-based), and others, migration of individual components to a Cisco router, setting up of a Satlink newsfeed
  • Set-up, expansion and maintenance of a customized network, Unix and Windows NT installations
  • Programming of billing solutions in C and script languages under Linux, data retention with ADABAS D
  • Programming of Intranet solutions via PHP/FI and PHP3 under Apache/Linux
  • User support in the area of Unix and Windows NT

Implementation Linux server

Customer: Marketing company, Cologne

Period: April 1997

  • Setting up of a Linux-based Internet/Intranet server, integration of 80 Windows-95 and Apple Macintosh computers into a TCP/IP network

Implementation of Linux server

Customer: Marketing company, Wiesbaden

Period: March 1997

  • Setting up of a Linux-based Internet/Intranet server
  • Introduction of TCP/IP
  • Integration of Windows PCs

System administration

Customer: Marketing Chair, University of Siegen

Period: July 1996 to March 1999

  • Administration of a Linux file, print and mail server
  • Support for a Windows 95 network (hardware and software) including administration of multimedia hardware (FAST video machine, MPEG encoder, authoring)
  • User support (Windows 95, MS Office, Corel Draw!, Photoshop, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Netscape Navigator and Communicator)

Setting up an Internet provider

Customer: Internet club, Waldbröl

Period: February 1996 to January 1997

  • Setting up of network infrastructure for an Internet service provider
  • Setting up of the usual Internet and Intranet services
  • Protecting the network against unauthorized access (firewall)
  • Maintenance, administration of infrastructure
  • Support for business customers

Setting up an Internet provider

Customer: PC retailer/Internet provider, Eitorf

Period: December 1995 to December 1996

  • Setting up of network infrastructure for an Internet service provider
  • Setting up of the usual Internet and Intranet services
  • Protecting the network against unauthorized access (firewall)
  • Maintenance, administration of infrastructure
  • Support for business customers

Setting up an Internet provider

Customer: Internet provider, Cologne

Period: February 1995 to May 1995

  • Planning and setting up of an Internet service provider
  • Installation and configuration of network infrastructure
  • Setting up of the usual Internet and Intranet services (DNS, SMTP, POP3, NNTP (News), HTTP, Proxy-Cache etc.)

Software programming

Customer: Industrial company, Waldbröl

Period: June 1994 to December 1994

  • Development of customized software for the analysis of electronic drivers’ logbooks
  • Development of various smallish customized applications (MS-DOS-based)

and before that…

  • Programming of customized solutions
  • Support for PCs and networks of small companies (1 to 5 PCs)